We are a Law Firm, specialized in Criminal, Judicial and Constitutional litigations. Over 20 years of experience defending citizens , businesses and corporations. Our mission is to accomplish the clients expectations down by all courts.

We also provide advice to our clients during the Contingency Remedial Actions plans developing by showing them the most appropriate and beneficial way to make it right. If it is required we assume their sponsorship; both in judicial as well as in arbitration headquarters.

In addition to, we actively defend our clients interests, even acting as conciliators on their behalf in order to avoid unnecessary litigations. 


Increase our Law Firm’s through an honest service, responsibility and by offering efficient solutions; always under the law.

Professionalism while practicing any matters of laws and its different branches.


Be the best Law Firm, by gaining national and international prestige. We believe in our team’s skills, as well as constantly updating our services searching for continuous innovation; towards the improvement of the Firm and ease client’s life.


Loyalty. Bonding our clients through a Commitment’s Service towards them; fighting and defending their interests with excellence in any way they need. We honour our undertakings by fulfilling Moral and Ethical codes towards a sustainable growth.

Why should you trust us?

Skilled Professionals

Composed by a multidisciplinary team, highly specialized into different areas of law. We count with extensive experience and capacity that allows us to guarantee the best quality consulting and services for which we are required.


We are fully aware of the sensitivity and implications of our duties; that is why engagement, confidentiality and availability are top priorities for our clients.


We shifted to the headquarters required for attending any case or litigation that takes place all across the country.

Audiences 80%
Cases Solved 95%
Constitutional Litigations 80%
Satisfied customers 100%


Specialized in facilitating the execution of large-scale infrastructure works, according to criminal law, regarding interests groups such as communities and trade unions.


Construction companies defended in Arena and Lavajato litigations. Medical negligence cases against major clinics in Peru.

Legal consultancy to peasants communities affected by a gas pipeline construction of more than 400 km in the Quechua-speaking high andean zone of Peru.


Specific knowledge and the right chain of operations to guarantee the ideal path through any companies needs.

We thank our clients for the trust placed in ESTUDIO SILVA, receiving it with gratitude and satisfaction for our collaboration and the contribution provided.