Practice Areas

Experts in Criminal Law
and Corporate Compliance

Criminal Litigations

We defend personal and patrimonial interests, from companies and citizens, of natural or legal persons.) Counseling on police, fiscal or judicial investigations for the aggrieved, investigated, prosecuted people or civilly responsible third parties.

By gathering the conciliation documents or allegations, we follow up the process until the responsible is identified; the judicialization of the investigation is done and a condemnatory sentence is given.)

Expertise in economic criminal law, officials corruption and crimes in general. We evaluate the relevance and chances of success to guarantee you the best outcome in your case.

Legal consultancy on the prevention of the commission of abuses or incompetences, which unduly hold the company’s responsibility in the investigated facts. We defend companies, executives, public officials under investigations and trials.

In addition, we advise our clients on the matters arising from these cases, such as criminal, civil and regulatory actions, issues related to asset laundering, antitrust regulations and environmental complaints.

We focus our consultancy on official’s corruption complaints, incompatible negotiation, collusion, concussion, among others. Undertaking anti-corruption auditings into companies mergers and acquisitions processes.

Therefore), we own a prestigious network of handwriting and fingerprint experts who will detect the falsification of documents and fraud offences.

Our team is trained for supporting people in matters of crimes against life, body and health.

For an accurate and immediate consultancy, that allows us to determine the origin causes from injuries or deaths investigated, by means of working with a doctors network from different specialties.

Constitutional Litigations

Advocate on the personal and patrimonial interests from individuals or legal persons. We sponsor legal proceedings before the Constitutional Court; prepare amparo actions and habeas corpus; and develop legal arguments for appealing before the courts.

In fact, we elaborate reports and documents referring to legislative proposals, analyzing them from both, legal and political, perspectives.

Likewise, we counsel government organizations in order to anticipate legal challenges or avoid litigations.

Corporate Compliance

We evaluate regulatory compliances from rules and regulations.

Identifying potential conflicts regarding trade controls, anti-corruption, data protection and state supervisory agencies compliances.

We develop, implement or update programs, policies and compliance procedures.

Considering the corporate risk assessments and compliance functions of the company.

We investigate corruption within the framework from cases of whistleblowing or internal information.

Previous due diligence cases or subsequent evaluations in matters of mergers, acquisitions and third parties issues related in general.

We provide annual compliance plans, manuals, and compliance training programs.

Monitoring and investigation, updating policies and procedures.

Complementary Areas

In order to achieve the agreed targets set by our clients and support them with the best counseling, our trial lawyers team is fully endorsed by experts in Substantive Law. At “Estudio Silva Abogados” we are aware that during litigations or investigations processes it might be required to count on information, knowledge and expertise in other areas of law or from the sector/industry in which the legal contingency has occurred.