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We provide specialized counsel in prevention of
criminal contingencies and conflict resolution.

We litigate across the country

Litigation in all regions of the country without exception. We defend our clients wherever it is required, distance is not a limitation.

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Practice Areas

Criminal litigation
We defend the personal and asset interests of natural and legal persons. We advise and accompany our clients during police, prosecution or legal investigations, for situations of grievance, investigated, prosecuted or third party civilly liable.

Constitutional litigation
We defend the personal and asset interests of natural or legal persons. We sponsor legal procedures before the Constitutional Court.

Property litigation
We prepare protective actions and habeas corpus. We develop legal arguments aimed towards appeals before the court.

Additional areas
During litigation or investigation, you may require specialized and in-depth information or knowledge in other legal areas or sector or industry where this legal contingency arose.


Fernando Silva La Rosa

Jorge Luis Moreno Arteaga

Tatiana Bastidas Ñamoc

Hugo Jiménez Lizama

Néstor Burgos Torres

Relevant cases

  • Defense of construction companies in the Arena and Lavajato cases.
  • Defense in medical malpractice cases against prestigious local clinics.
  • Counseling to rural communities affected by the construction of a gas pipeline of more than 400 km. in the Quechua-speaking high Andean area of Peru.

Special services

  • External guidance service
    We have the specific knowledge and logistics needed to provide the right mechanism according to the needs of each company.
  • Bargaining and community interaction
    We have specialized in facilitating the construction of large scale infrastructure works, from a criminal law perspective, related to stakeholders such as communities and unions.


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